Starting on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11th --> The 15MIN Meal Prep Challenge!


This challenge is intended to do 3 MAJOR things for your LIFE: 

  •  Give it back to you! - Get out of the kitchen and go enjoy your life! STOP spending hours and hours researching new yummy recipies and taking even more time to make the damn thing!
  •  Stop the excuses - you know what I mean girl... you want to eat healthier. You want to feed your family healthy, gluten-free + dairy-free foods BUT you don't know what to make that your fam will like. You know that when you PLAN meals you are less stressed and you DON'T cheat!
  •  Save you massive TIME - Time is your most valuable asset. Don't waist it on planning and prep. Spend it playing and laughing and eating. 

What would it mean to you to not have to plan your meals for the next 2 weeks?

What if every meal took no more than 15min to make?

What if you still got to eat YUMMY foods that are GF+DF? 


15 Minute Meal Mania Challenge: All meals are made in 15min or less to minimize your time in the kitchen and optimize your health


Anti-Inflammatory Challenge: Whether overweight, hypertensive, diabetic, or suffer from any chronic illness, this 2-week challenge is perfect for you!


Egg-Free Challenge: Egg white and egg yolk sensitivities are more common than you think! Are you eating egg whites and still can't lose bloat or weight? Let's see what two weeks can do!


Meal Prep Mania Challenge: This challenge is about mass prepping meals so you have a weeks worth of yumminess made over the weekend! No muss, no fuss all week long!


Whole Food Challenge: Just Eat Real Food. Very simple recipes using easy-to-find ingredients and quick to make.


Gluten-Free Challenge: Every recipe is 100% gluten-free. You don't need to be celiac to benefit from this challenge!

*MARCH 2018

Paleo Challenge: Kicking it cave-man style! We're going back to the diet our oh so healthy ancestors ate! Best diet for your genes too! 

JUNE 2018

Beach Body Ready Challenge: All meals are designed to slim and trim you down just in time for bathing suit season.

APRIL 2018

Vegetarian Challenge: No animals are harmed during this challenge. You'll be amazing how delicious these meals are!

JULY 2018

Heart Healthy Challenge: All of the recipes are geared towards lowering cholesterol and improving your cardiovascular health.

MAY 2018

Dairy-Free Challenge: Most people have a dairy sensitivity and avoiding it for 2-weeks might just be what the doctor ordered! 

AUG 2018

High Protein, Low Carb: If your goal is to lose the jiggle and get more toned, you need to eat more protein! 

See what our members a saying...

Busy, working parents, just like you!

"Really enjoying some of the new recipes this week, always amazing how quickly I feel slimmer without the gluten in my daily diet."

- Todd Baril, Toronto

"Well I just weighed in and have lost 5 lbs! I'll be honest, I had hoped for a few more to go but as I think about it, losing the weight isn't really the best part of this. It's the new habits I'm forming and sticking to them. My greatest achievement over these past two weeks has been following my eating plan and sticking with it where in the past I would have totally fallen off the wagon. This group and challenge came at exactly the right time for me so thank you are Dr Maxim and everyone else!! Stay tuned for more good things to come"

- Valerie H., Burlington

"So I'm very proud of myself today. I had a really bad day and normally I would have come home and done nothing but snack and watch tv. It was on my goal to go to bootcamp today so I stuck to it. And for my snack I chocolate and nuts as it was a nice "feels like cheating but isn't cheating" treat. Loving this program!"

- Lorraine L., Burlington