Kick Start your Weight Loss

Clear up Acne and Skin Rashes 

Start reducing your Inflammation (Joint pain, Fibromyalgia)

Detoxify Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Other "Crap"

All you have to do is bring a bathing suit, a large towel, a re-useable water bottle, a book or an iPod.... and RELAX!

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Other than being a kickass way to detoxify the body, here is a list of the most common conditions that the infrared sauna can also treat:

“After only 2 sessions, I have had patients tell me that they feel an overall sense of well-being. Sleep was better. Energy was up. I recommend this to everyone!”

Dr. Andrea - Naturopathic Doctor

A Treatment For All Ages

Yes children can use the infrared sauna too!  The treatments are much longer than 30min, but just as safe.
Middle-aged, elderly, those who are very sick. All a perfect choice for Infrared Sauna treatment.

A Treatment Based on Science

Just doing a quick Google search will bring up thousands of articles showing the benefits of Infrared Sauna treatments on a multitude of different health conditions. 
From some of the best medical journals all the way to NASA. These infrared saunas are being researched and used all over the world.
Now I've brought it to you!

A Word From Dr. Andrea

“After only 2-3 treatments I am noticing, and my patients are noticing, a health difference. Nice glow to the skin, happier and losing weight. I can't wait for you to try it!”

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