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Mom’s Weight on Infant Birth Weight

Study: Mom's Weight May Have Larger Effect on Infant Birth Weight

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND   

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It is not just gestational diabetes that can increase a fetus’ birth weight. Maternal weight may have a greater impact on infant birth weight that blood glucose control.  Mothers with a larger Body Mass Index (BMI) before pregnancy and weight gain during pregnancy had an increased chance of having a infant with a heavier birth weight.  In fact, every 1kg increase in mom’s weight during pregnancy, without a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, increased the chances by 10-18%.  Women bearing children with large-for-gestational-weight infants are also more likely to have a C-section.

Another interesting correlation found that Asian ethnicity versus caucausian, and those mothers with a history of smoking gave birth to larger babies.

While gestational diabetes is certainly an issue, this study found that impaired glucose control had a modest relation to birth weight compared to pre-pregnancy BMI, weight gain during pregnancy and increased leptin and C-reactive protein, commonly found with increased adiposity.

Those moms that practice a calorie-controlled diet and can control their weight gain may have an easier pregnancy and labour.  Always remember: Healthy Mom's will have Healthy Babies! 

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