7 Day Detox: Day 1

Day 1: Intense 7 Day Detox

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor


I always complete a detox program every spring and fall.  Normally I opt for the hypoallergenic detox – lean meats (chicken and fish), vegetables, berries and dairy alternatives.  All soy, sugar, alcohol, corn, gluten and cow dairy must be avoided at all times.  Well, I’ve mastered this form of eating so I decided to amp it up this time. After attending a number of seminars presented by Dr. Robert Rakwoski, I decided to try his famous 7 day, vegetable only, medical food detox program.   I have asked a number of my patients to do this cleanse with great success. This week, I’m joining them.

What’s in store?

– Weight and Body Composition Measurements Before and Aftercleanse 2012

– 4 Shakes made with a Medical Food powder – This time, I chose Ultra Clear Renew from Metagenics. This powder cleanses the body of toxins as well as heavy metals.

– Consumption of only vegetables that grow ABOVE ground

As expected, the first day was difficult. I find, as soon as we deprive ourselves of certain food groups, it is all we can think about.  I started craving pizza, popcorn, wine, basically anything but vegetables almost instantly, but reminded myself that this is only one week of deprivation for long term health gain. 

That is one thing I love about detox week though, it forces you to re-evaluate your diet and make healthy food choices every day.  It also allows us to see what a life filled with wonderful vegetables can look and feel like and how we do not need to be dependant on carbs, proteins and sugary snacks.

Over the day I consumed (and obsessed over) eating as many vegetables as I could, mostly to get as full as I could.  I steamed over 4 cups of vegetables that I consumed with olive oil, salt, pepper and an all vegetable curry sauce.  Even with all the vegetables and detox shakes, I found myself to be thinking of food often. In fact, I avoided any shows on television that even mentioned making meals because I knew it would make me cave. Proud to say, made it through day 1 unscathed…. Only 144 hours left to go :S

Follow along with Day Two here!


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