7 Day Detox: Day 5

Day 5: Intense 7 Day Detox

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

Woke up this morning at 7:30am and the first thing I started doing was listing all the yummy breakfast foods I was going to have – boiled eggs, toast, butter. This was quickly squashed when reality kicked in and realized I was still on this stupid all vegetable cleanse.  Errg!  (as you can tell, some resentment has crept in).  What has been interesting is the past two nights I have briefly woken up around 2:30am-3:30am.  In Chinese medicine, the liver is the most active from 1am-3am and I think the detox is really getting the liver moving as I continue day by day.  Also having the shakes close to bedtime I’m sure is giving my liver an extra push at night.

1 stalk of steamed asparagus and 1 detox shake later, and I felt moderately back to normal.  I noticed my appetite was more present today.  Even hit a blood sugar low around mid-afternoon and seriously thought about cheating.  Maybe if I have one cookie, who would know?  Maybe a vanilla scone from Starbucks??  Then I thought, my goodness Andrea, you wont let yourself cheat with regular food, you just go straight for the worst food to consume anyways. Tisk tisk me.

Begrudgingly I went to the local Metro and made myself my second salad for the day. And yes, it was totally green.  Even looking at the celery sitting there at the salad bar.  Celery, I don’t really like eating you, you don’t really taste like much but today I need something different that is green so I will eat you :)

What has been amazing, is that I have not had one energy lull at all this entire time. I would have suspected that with a decreased calorie intake I would be more tired. Not the case.  Haven’t needed a nap during the day. Haven’t felt run down. Still no other negative side effects of the detox either.

Does this mean I like being on it, no. Not for a second. My patients are doing this, and so I too will persevere. 2 days left…  bah!

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