Dr. Jackie Moulton, ND & Dr. Samantha Sapi, ND

Oakville Location Team Leaders

Dr. Jacquie is part of the Maxim Movement Team of Naturopathic doctors. She works at our Oakville office bringing with her an extensive background in pain management and a special interest for autoimmune conditions.

She quickly received the title of the “Foodie” on the team with making many meals from scratch with healthy alternatives.

When she’s not working in the clinic Dr. Jacquie and her hubby can be found off hiking or camping enjoying the outdoors.

Specialty Services include the GAT protocol for gut, adrenal & thyroid health. Along with Acupuncture & Cupping treatments.


Dr. Jacquie will commence a 6 month maternity leave OR when baby decides that he’s ready to come.

In her absence, we have the equally impressive Dr. Samantha Sapi, ND, already taking on patients at the Oakville office.

Dr. Samantha has a very similar background in pain-management, the GAT Protocol with the same delightful and empathetic approach as Dr. Jacquie.

Dr. Samantha may stay on as a permanent team member even beyond Dr. Jacquie’s maternity leave.