Over 7 hours of uncensored information from some of the best people in the health biz…
Sean Croxton, Reed Davis, Robb Wolfe’s Right-Hand Lady Amy Kubal, and many more!

Why Not Learn a Little More About MAXIMizing Your Health From The Experts?

As I wrote MAXIMized Health I wanted to make sure that I got the best, most up-to-date, health information possible. How better to do this then ask the experts? I have been sitting on these recording for over 2 years now and decided that these were too good to keep to myself.
To see the list of these experts and listen to a segment of these amazing interviews, continue below:

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Here Is A Taste Of What’s In Store For You…

“People’s reasons for losing fat are typically very superficial”


Creator of Underground Wellness

“It’s not just reading the test results, it’s what is this test telling us about this person”


Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

“In today’s world its pretty hard [to be healthy without supplements]” Here are the key ones people need to take…


Consultant with Robb Wolf and Team. Work with Amy by contacting her: amyk.rd@gmail.com

“While it’s safe at o.2% in one product, what if people use multiple products with that same ingredient. That person could be exceeding the allowable amount for [that chemical]”


Founder of the Green Beaver Company

On exercise: “If there are signs of adrenal fatigue, then no cardio whatsoever.” Instead this is what we do…


Award-Winning Personal Trainer & Author

“When you get into [the different poses] each one of them will have different impact on the body” And these are the different poses and their health benefits…


Yoga and Meditation Experts, Owner of Chrysalis Yoga

“If I go to a raw material supplier…First thing [they] are going to ask me is how much do I want to pay”


Director at Metagenics Inc.

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Dr. Andrerea Maxim, ND

Creator of The Maxim Movement

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
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