BPA lowers Thyroid Function in Pregnancy

BPA May Lower Thyroid Function to Mom and Babe During Pregnancy

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

Exposure to bisphenol (BPA) during pregnancy has been shown to lower thyroid function in pregnant mothers and newborns, research shows.  BPA is found in any malleable plastic such as water bottles, Saran wrap, food and beverage can linings, toilet paper, dental amalgams and even thermal sales receipts.

Unconjugated BPA has been detected in the umbilical blood, placenta and amniotic fluid showing that BPA can cross the placental barrier. Like any other man-made toxin, exposure to BPA can cause developmental defects in utero.


Thyroid hormone, for example, is required for healthy pre- and post-natal growth and brain development in humans. The biological impact on how BPA affects the thyroid is still yet to be determined.

In this study, urine samples to measure BPA levels were taken from all moms during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  BPA measurements showed a significant reduction of thyroid hormone (drop of 0.13mcg/dL) at the time of exposure.  Measurements in male infants showed a 9.9% reduction in thyroid stimulating hormone, but no change was found in female infants.  Interestingly, the correlation between BPA and reduction of thyroid hormone was found to be the largest in the third trimester.

In all trimesters the levels of BPA had a transient effect in the body. In fact, the researchers determined that BPA has a half-life of less than 6 hours in the body.  That being said, continuous exposure to BPA will have a compounding effect, so it is very important to limit or eliminate possible exposure to BPA, regardless of health condition.

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Chevrier J, et al “Maternal urinary bisphenol A during pregnancy and maternal and neonatal thyroid function in the CHAMACOS study” Environ Health Perspect 2012; DOI: 10.1289/ehp.1205092.


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