MAXIMized Health Mindset Coaching

Breakthrough your barriers

Anywhere you’ve hit a wall (or ceiling) with your health, weight, relationship or wealth, you’ve got a mindset barrier you need to break through.

MAXIMized Health Performance Coaching is designed to unlock your potential in a way you’ve never experience before. Your physical body (health/weight/emotions) is 100% controlled by your mind. NOT your conscious mind that you’re aware of… YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND.

Your unconscious mind is holding onto every experience, every trauma, every perceived failure, every memory you’ve ever had from childhood (ages 0 to 7yo) and because the movies you imprinted then have yet to be addressed, you’re seeing it full force now as an adult.

This means that you are NOT EVEN AWARE of the blockers because you can’t do the work by yourself.

THIS is where MAXIMized Health Performance Coaching comes in.

In as little as 1hr, we can clear any unwarranted or inappropriate feelings of Anger, Hurt, Sadness, Guilt, Shame and Fear giving you that RELEASE your body has been looking for which allows for you to move past, easily and effortlessly (incomplete list):

  • Protective Weight Gain
  • Emotional Eating
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Body Issues
  • Better Food Choices
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Outbursts
  • Insomnia
  • Fear of Being Heard
  • Fear of Being Seen
  • Relationship Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • … and MORE!

The Full Performance Breakthrough

While everyone’s journey is different, here’s a basic overview of what you can expect.

Each call is done VIRTUALLY with Andrea Maxim, Wellness Coach so you remain in a safe, known place, where we find the results are much deeper and much faster.

The sessions can be booked throughout one week or over the span of up to 5-6 weeks, depending on your schedule.

The sessions range from 30min to 2hours and here’s the BEST PART …. All you need to do is SHOW UP and let us talk to your unconscious mind and it will do all of the REWIRING and LETTING GO on your behalf.

If you can remain open to the process, you’re guaranteed success … and that guarantee is in WRITING!


In about 1-2 hours, we will go over WHY you want to make the changes, WHAT is getting in your way, HOW you can establish all of the tools and resources you need for success and by the end, Andrea will know what “UN” has been blocking you since childhood (unsafe, unworthy, undeserving, unloveable, etc.)


Once we understand your root “UN” we will go through a 1-2hr session of clearing your unconscious mind of any inappropriate and unwarranted negative emotions that are keeping you STUCK: Anger, Shame, Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt + new ones from your intake


Limiting beliefs are the negative phrases you catch yourself saying: “I am not good enough” or “I am not confident enough” or “I dont deserve success” or “I can’t make enough money”. We will take as much time as we need to clear each one from your unconcious.


You know how you say, “Part of me thinks THIS, and part of me thinks THAT”?  Your brain has created two opposing islands that we will bring together in unity so you can attract all of the resources and tools you need to be successful. I.e. “I can/can’t” or “I do/don’t”


In about 5min, we can turn a food you crave, but is sabotaging your goals, into one you would never want to eat again.
A behaviour you dislike to do (i.e. working out) into something as fun as watching you favourite show on TV… and then it instantly becomes easy & fun!


And here’s where we lock in all of that amazing progress with 2-3 MAXIMized Health Hypnosis sessions to move on from that person you were into that NEW, MOTIVATED, ABUNDANT person you are NOW.

And we lock it all into your FUTURE like tupperware!

MAXIMized health Performance 
breakthrough successes!

This is just a glimpse of the success stories we’ve had from past clients
Each one just blows me away (tear!) and I want this for YOU too!!



Busy, high-performing woman where showing up confident to engage and sell clients is the #1 aspect of her business.

Struggled with self image, confidence and really showing up.

After completing the FULL BREAKTHROUGH she booked more calls and made more sales, so much so she hired another team member, all while dressing in clothes she desired and did it all automatically. “It was just happening”




Can you imagine what your success could look like after 10hrs of sessions??

Sessions that literally pull up your negative thinking and blockers from the ROOT and from there we nourish the soil so only the most beautiful flowers can grow!



**Prices doubling after June 2022



Carrying around years of emotional eating triggers, despite working out daily, tracking foods and desperately trying to get to her desired weight.

After our first session: “It has now been 7 days and I haven’t eaten late at night once! Barely even think about it”

After the second: “What an experience! Last night was I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. I woke up this morning feeling the same way and then I was in the shower and I had the biggest, shortest, ugliest, silent cry and I literally felt like something left my body, like a switch of pain that I have been carrying for most of my life was finally turned off and now I feel at peace.”



Struggled with anger for years. Was affecting all relationships. Coped with substances and was finally ready to let it all go and move onto a better version of himself.

“Hi Andrea, I just wanted to thank you. I feel incredible, and [my wife] and I have been able to communicate and begin to mend. The happiness outside my marriage has also already begun I was accepted into the [my dream] course I applied for it begins at the end of May! “



First year university student with crippling anxiety. The anxiety was preventing her from socializing, succeeding at school and just enjoying her life.

“Hi Andrea!

I was actually just talking about you and our sessions with my friend the other day! I’m doing SO well. I’m seeing friends more and I go out for meals with them all the time and haven’t seemed to have many issues.
I’m dealing with the perfectionism and have decided to take a year off school to give myself a break”



Was in a few car accidents as a teenager, now with her kids starting to drive, needed to overcome her fear of being in a car, especially as a passenger.

“Yes! I was driving with Hannah last night, in the rain, on winding back roads, and I felt the most calm I’ve ever felt.

And to clarify, it was [my daughter] driving (with a permit mind you, not a license!) and I was a passenger! That’s usually when the anxiety is higher but I felt completely relaxed. I was going to message you today to let you know!!!”

From morning sickness to heartburn, varicose veins to constipation and hemorrhoids, help is here. Choose from a variety of natural and also conventional options that ease common pregnancy symptoms – safely.

Aviva Romm


Whether you’re finding sleep a challenge, are coming to grips with becoming a mom, are stressed out and worrying about it affecting baby – come find sleep and stress solutions that can make a real difference.

Aviva Romm


From too many cesareans to endemic sexism and racism in medical care, we have to know how to be our own best advocates, and ditto that for our partners and doulas. This class is a must for all birthing people who want to stay empowered (and safe ) in any setting.

Aviva Room


We all have, within us, a connection to a deep powerful well of strength and inner knowing that’s been hushed by our culture. Reclaim your inner power, tap into your innate birthing wisdom, and learn what it means to birth primally.

Aviva Romm


If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, you’re not alone. Come learn what you can do – from natural approaches to medical options – so you can choose what’s safest and really works for you.

Aviva Romm


Learn how to safely and effectively use the classic herbs for easing labor and birth – starting in your last trimester – and which herbs to avoid even if they’re popular.

Aviva Room

1 hr/FREE

While few of us want to have a cesarean, sometime they are necessary. But statistically, they’re done 2-3 times more often than required. Learn how to avoid an unnecessary c-section, but have a gentle one if needed.

Aviva Romm


Mantras, visualizations, meditations, and mindset can powerfully influence our birth experience. Drop into this class for a whole set of tools you can use including a tried and true birth visualization and drawing practice that can transform your experience.

Aviva Romm


Group B Strep. No doubt you’ve heard about it and have questions. If you want to understand GBS, go from confusion to confidence, know your options and what the evidence says – and still protect your’s and baby’s microbiome, this is for you.

Aviva Room


This is NOT Traditional Therapy

Unlike traditional therapy, we are not FIXING you, instead we are GENERATING CHANGE.
Everything about you is already perfect, you just need new strategies and access to your own resources.

We are not measuring WHY, but asking HOW, WHAT, WHAT IF and collecting real DATA to your change… remember that Emotions are NOT Evidence. And your past trauma or hurtful memories are NOT what we want to relive, instead we are going to stay in the PRESENT and create a COMPELLING FUTURE!

In fact, we don’t have you go back into a past memory and talk about it at all. Instead, we encourage you to find your own solutions by UNDERSTANDING the positive learnings from the past allowing you to let go of the blockers and become more empowered and EXCITED about your future!

We are a TEAM and we know you’ll actually find this process FUN and the change happens FASTER than you could even imagine!


Our Naturopathic Team Provides all of the PHYSICAL and ALL-NATURAL Support You Need


Tasking, Tracking, Questionnaires, Reaching Out, Asking For Help, Clarifying Are All Part of The Process


MAXIMized Health Performance Coaching Seals Your Future and Makes Your Success Inevitable!

Reasons to Join

Over 40 hours of guidance from Aviva Romm, Midwife and MD, to use at your own pace.

Birth Literacy. Know what you want and don’t, what you need, and how to get it.

Support: The resources & tools for optimal prenatal, birthing, and postpartum health.

Tools for changing your mindset so you can learn new ways to think about pregnancy and birth, without fear.

Tips & tools to help you enjoy your mama path, address common symptoms, and feel confident in your body.

A ton of community support in our inner circle groups and the private Facebook page, with the support of experiened birth workers

It’s time to reclaim pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. It’s time to reclaim our bodies and power. Join the waitlist today and let’s do this, together.

40+ hours of course videos, 12 months of weekly support circles, and over 9,000 mama members later, this course and community have been making a profound difference in the lives of the women, babies, and families.

I’m so excited to share it with you, and to support you on your pregnancy, birth, and mama journey, too.


The MINI and FULL BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS are available now!
Limited Spots

Meet Andrea

My journey as a naturopathic doctor for the past decade started with helping you with the physical symptoms…. because that’s how we were trained. Trained as if healing the physical was all that needed to be done to get to full health.

My journey changed over the past two years. I really leaned into doing more mindset work. The hard work. The work that allowed me to let go of blockers between myself and my daughters, between my husband and I, and of course acceptance of my body and who I am as a woman.

Regardless of where you are with your health, you need BOTH physical support (which our naturopathic team delivers via the GAT Protocol) AND you need mindset shifts… we all do!

And now our team offers the full package: Naturopathic Care + Performance Coaching for a complete targeted healing experience.



Maybe you just want to work on your gut, hormones and metabolism right now??
Then please look into our complete GAT PROTOCOL and book in with one of our Naturopathic Team Members
(Caledonia, Oakville, Milton or Virtually Across Ontario)







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