Cervical Mucous

Cervical Mucous – Be Aware of Your Fertility: Part 3

Written by Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor


Cervical Mucous Testing

Continuing with the last blog series, Be Aware of Your Fertility: Part 1 – Understanding Your Cycle and Part 2: Basal Body Temperature, we now move onto one of the BEST ways to determine your fertility, Cervical Mucous.

The first five days of the menstrual cycle are considered the “dry” days. When we are menstruating, the cervical mucous is sparse and relatively thin. Over the next week or so, estrogen levels rise and the cervical mucous becomes thicker and more sperm-friendly. Around days 10-14 the cervical mucous will be thick, stringy and the colour of uncooked egg whites. Fertile mucous is determined by doing a finger sweep of the vagina and pinching then extending the mucous with your finger and thumb. This mucous is very elastic and should remain intact when the fingers are spread apart, about one inch. This mucous to designed to keep the sperm viable and guide them towards the ovulated egg. Without this fertile mucous present, the sperm will die within a few hours. This thick, elastic mucous marks the best time to try to conceive.


Once ovulation has occurred, the estrogen levels begin to drop and progesterone is secreted. Progesterone will change the make up of this mucous to one that lacks elasticity and is more opaque and sticky. This mucous actually blocks the healthy passage of sperm and by the end of the cycle will dry up or become a lot thicker and more dense.

Measuring Cervical Mucous and your Basal Body Temperature every day during your cycle is called the symptothermal method of natural conception. This is one of the most tried and tested methods of tracking fertility, without getting into more invasive and expensive tests. Become one with your body – Embrace your fertility!

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