Learn Exactly How I Help My Health Seeker Clients Ditch The Distractions and Finally Release Stubborn Weight & Feel 80% More Confident, In Their Own Body and Relationships, In 10Hrs or Less


Here's a Quick Peak at What my Clients Already Have To Say

‘Before working with Andrea, I felt that my health/life were in a stagnant state. I was doing everything I thought was right, yet yielding no results. I felt stuck/tired, anxious, lack of motivation and going in circles in my head.

She made the coaching sessions flow easily.
She is just magical and so real & relatable.

What I have gained from working with her was invaluable.
When i feel myself slipping into to old habits and thoughts , I listen more to her hypnosis and it puts things back on course
Everyone should utilize her gifts”  – Jaqueline V.
“Before we began collaborating, I was in a very low place, mentally and emotionally, and I just wasn’t sure where to look for support.

My tendencies for self-deprecation, and self-criticism were at an all time high, and I firmly believed everything negative that I beat myself up with.

What I gained is how powerful I AM! I am making very positive strides in my self-awareness, and with how I treat myself. I am much better equipped now as I move forward each day.

I am grateful to Andrea for opening my mind to how much better life can be, and how much better it is already, and she helped me get here in an effective, concentrated amount of time that didn’t take a significant bite out of my crazy schedule!” – Patrizia D.

“Wow I am so incredibly grateful to Andrea who worked with me prior to a stressful situation upcoming in my life.
I was amazed by the results I had.

I was getting very anxious, losing sleep, and concerned because it was causing me more undo stress.

We did just ONE hypnosis session, and it was truly a life saver! I was able to listen prior to my event. It put my mind and body at ease. I would highly recommend working with Andrea!” – Deborah D.

“The Universe lead me to Andrea, and I’m so thankful it did.  When I met Andrea my life was in a rut. I had health issues and wasn’t sure what to do next.

Before I met her, I had very little knowledge of NLP. I thought it was a complicated process that would require a ton of effort on my part. I was preparing for a slog. I was totally wrong. With Andrea’s expert guidance, I effortlessly connected to my wisest self and learned so much about my values and who I am as a person.
I easily let go of many strong negative emotions that were holding me back. It truly was a life changing experience.

Andrea is a warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, funny, creative, a kick-ass lady, and full of fresh ideas. She’s definitely one of the best people I’ve worked with.

For anyone thinking of working with Andrea I say – go for it! You’ll never be the same.” – Karla O.

Meet Andrea

My career as a naturopathic doctor for the past decade started with helping you with the physical symptoms…. because that’s how we were trained. Trained as if healing the physical was all that needed to be done to get to full health.

My journey changed over the past two years. I really leaned into doing more mindset work. The hard work. The work that allowed me to let go of blockers between myself and my daughters, between my husband and I, and of course acceptance of my body and who I am as a woman.

Regardless of where you are with your health, you need BOTH physical support AND you need mindset shifts… we all do!

And now I get to help women all over the world get the results they want… with a written guarantee (yep! truth)

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