Why Its Hard to Lose Weight As a Woman

Andrea Maxim, ND


Breakdown of today’s video:
0:45 – Why Men Lose Weight Easier
1:02 – Why it is hard to lose weight as a woman
1:34 – The three nutrients you must test for
2:00 – Why these three nutrient stop weight loss
2:20 – Importance of Iron and Oxygen for weight loss
3:18 – Importance of B12 and weight loss
3:45 – Reasons why these deficiencies occur

Iron, B12 and Folic Acid deficiencies all affect endurance and ability to lose fat.

What is a common thread – I need more energy? I want to lose more fat?

Without iron, oxygen can’t bind to the red blood cells and travel the oxygen throughout the body.
The body requires B12 and folic acid to create new red blood cells. Low B12 or folic acid, low red blood cell count.
Burning fat occurs with fat oxidation. In order oxidize fat you need…. Oxygen!
You can be eating the perfect diet and working out the way you’re supposed to, but without adequate red blood cells and therefore oxygen, you’re not going to burn fat.


 How do these deficiencies happen?

Not eating enough: The best sources of iron and B12 in your food comes from animal products, in the most absorbable form, heme iron. So vegetarians, and especially vegans, almost always need to supplement with iron and b12 in supplement form. In your vegetarian sources, yes there’s iron, but it’s in the non-heme form and only absorbs about 2-8%.
Not absorbing in order for B12 and iron to absorb, you need to have adequate stomach acid and digestive enzymes in place. There are great digestive + betain HCl digestive aids that you can start.

Coffee and tea should never be taken along with your supplements. They contain “tannic acid” which blocks the absorption of iron. It’s not the caffeine, it the chemical property of the coffee and tea that does this.

High training – when you train or run long distances you’re crushing your RBCs. Your feet have blood vessels and the red blood cells are getting damaged with every step.

When’s the last time you had your blood work done? I suggest you get that taken care of in the next 24-48 hours with your practitioner.


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