Losing Weight Increases Testosterone

Study: Losing Weight Increases Testosterone 

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor      

Low testosterone affects more men than one may suspect.  If men suffer from low mood, low sex drive, fatigue, low motivation, pre-mature graying or hair loss, reduced muscle mass they may have lower than normal testosterone levels.  Increased adiposity does not help.  The more fat cells we create, the more our body creates an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase will turn natural testosterone into estrogen depleting testosterone levels even further.

A recent study showed that overweight men, BMI of 32 and waist circumference of 42”, who adhered to a lifestyle program of 150min of exercise per week and a healthy diet improved their testosterone levels 15% in one year.  These men averaged a weight loss of 17lbs.  No significant changes were seen in the placebo or the metformin treated group.


Monitoring hormone levels is important, especially as we age.  Not only does weight affect our hormones, but diet, environmental toxins and heavy metals can also cause disruption of our endocrine system leading to some serious disease consequences.

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