Best Women’s Supplements

by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND

These are some of the Best Women’s Supplements You Should be Taking:

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The top 3 Women’s Supplements you must be taking every day are:
Multivitamin – Guaranteed to cover your minimum required dosage of vitamins and minerals every day.
Fish Oil – The minimal therapeutic dosage is 850mg EPA and 500mg DHA. Many fish oils only list the mg of total fish oil, but it’s the EPA and DHA component that offers its amazing medicinal effects.
Greens Powder – Just like an ATM, our bodies love to be filled with green goodness!


Other Women’s Supplements to consider taking, especially based on your current health status:

Vitamin D3 – best taken as drops or softgel. It is a fat-soluble vitamin so is best to be dissolved in a lipid or fat base, or at least mixed with a fat. For example, taking your tablets with a tsp of coconut or olive oil.

Vitamin B5 or B6 – Best taken for the adrenals (stress) glands and for energy levels.

Folic Acid – Not necessary for everyone. Definitely if you’re pregnant or have a child with a learning disability like autism, ADHD, etc.  The best form is in the MTHF-5 form, not just folic acid alone.

Magnesium citrate or glycinate – If the form is Magnesium oxide, it will only act as a laxative. It will not improve your magnesium deficiencies. Very important for muscle cramps, sleep, anxiety and stress.

Calcium citrate – Avoid calcium carbonate, as the absorption rate is about 10-15% only. The better the form, the better it’s absorption into the bone, which is why most people are taking a calcium. Do not take alone, make sure you take a magnesium, at the very least, along side the calcium.

Iron – Only prescribed to women or possibly vegan/vegetarian men. Iron glycinate, iron chelate or iron citrate are the best absorbable forms.

Vitamin B12 – The most desired forms are methycobalamin or hydroxycobalamin. Cyanocobalamin will absorb, but at a much lower rate.

Probiotic – Perfect for digestive distress and bowel diseases. The more strains the better. Ideal dosage is 10 billion bacteria per day as a maintenance dosage.

If you would like to learn more about supplements most commonly taken WRONG, click the image below to watch these intensive 6 videos on proper supplementation:

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