Childhood Depression Can Be Treated Naturally

Childhood Depression Can Be Treated Naturally

Written by Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jonathan Prousky, ND and Chief Naturopathic Medical Officer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto said it best: “When you medicate a child, you teach the child that he/she cannot be normal without a medication. It disempowers the child from thinking that he/she can cope and emotionally regulate.”  See video here: Dr. Prousky ND on Childhood Depression http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hINzh4jqHMw Mental illness affects 1 in five children (20%) every year in Canada says the Canadian Mental Health Association. People with mood disorders have a significantly increased risk of suicide, 15-25% of which are caused by severe depression and bioplar.  Depression often get over diagnosed.  If a child starts acting out, immediately we think that something is chemically wrong with him/her. You’re right, there could be an imbalance happening but that does not mean it is permanent nor do we need to rush to the pharmacy to treat it.  Why don’t we take a step back and think about what could be causing the problem.


Common causes to be aware of regarding depression in children:

  • Underlying infections – yeast, bacterial or parasite (very common)
  • Heavy metal burden (easily tested through hair analysis)
  • Poor diet – over consumption of sugar, processed foods
  • Food Sensitivities – gluten, dairy, egg (removing these are a MUST for 30d and/or doing a IgG Food Allergy test)
  • Lack of care – negative relationships with family, chaotic household, great solitude at home
  • Physical inactivity

Often, the first line therapies used are prescription medications when in actuality these should be a second line of treatment once any diet, lifestyle and natural supplements have been tried and failed. References: Fact Sheet: Canadian Mental Health Association www.ontario.cmha.ca/fact_sheets.asp?cID=3965 Mental Illness in Canada: Canadian Mental HEalth Association http://alberta.cmha.ca/mental_health/statistics/#.US5yXVpT2oN

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