Dirty Dozen Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients

Top 12 Dirty and Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients

Written by Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

I love treating hormonal imbalance in my office.  What I always tell my patients is there are two reasons why they are not feeling optimal, either they are being exposed to toxins in the environment or they are innately deficient in key nutrients to help the body function.  The video below highlights how to avoid the Top 12 or Dirty Dozen Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients:

Dirty Dozen Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients to avoid:

1. BHA and BHT – Human carcinogen, liver damage, stomach CA

2. Coal tar dyes – byproduct of coal processing, human carcinogen

3. Diethanolamine (DEA) –human carcinogen,

4. Phthalate – male and female reproductive disorders, estrogen-mimicker

5. Formaldehyde – preservative, human carcinogen, neurotoxicant, developmental toxicant

6. Parabens – estrogen-mimicking preservatives, endocrine disruptor (BRCA), reproductive and developmental disorders

7. PEG compounds – human carcinogen easily absorbed through the skin

8. Petroleum – (mascara!) contact dermatitis, carcinogenic à it’s CAR OIL!

9. Retinyl palmitate – severe birth defects, skin CA when applied to skin

10. Sodium laureth sulfate (Lather) – human carcinogen, nervous system

11. Triclosan – Antimicrobial pesticide, thyroid and reproductive disruptor

12. Parfum (fragrance) – chemical shit storm

Use the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep website (www.ewg.org/skindeep) to determine what personal care products you can start avoiding. Remember, if the product is on the hazard scale of 4 or higher, pitch it and replace with healthier alternatives.


Avoiding the Dirty Dozen Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients

Choosing healthier alternative to your health care is easy! Not all of the products from these lines are always 100% all natural or free of chemicals but they are healthier alternatives to most commercial cosmetic lines.

Testing to see how your Hormones are Working:

24-Hour Urine Steroid Meta Hormones Test

Female/Male Salivary Hormone Panel

4-Point Cortisol Test




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