Dr. Andrea Maxim at McMaster University 2013

McMaster University Biology Career Night: Choosing Naturopathic Medicine

Written by Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Andrea Maxim was invited for another Science Career Night at McMaster University. Choosing a career can be very difficult and until I was in fourth year of the Biology and Pharmacology program testing peanut allergy in mice for my undergraduate thesis, I had no idea Naturopathic Medicine even existed.  All I remember is that I wanted to be a medical doctor and somehow Google showed me the way to Naturopathy as a possible career.


McMaster University Biology Career Night Video

In this video I highlight some of the key features of naturopathic medicine and why I chose this as a career.

Due to YouTube restrictions the video was edited down but the key points still exist: Naturopathic medicine is intended to educate and empower the patient to learn how to heal from the root cause using all natural means.  Besides being my own boss, I have found a real passion for running a business and treating patients. Running a business allows me to be creative and current with marketing, my website and social media.  In school, our business knowledge is limited and often most naturopathic doctors graduate confident as doctors, but not as business owners. I am pleased that running a business came easily to me and I’ve had a wonderful support team teaching me what to do and what not to do.

Regarding being a naturopathic doctor, I absolutely love how much my patients inspire me on a daily basis. I sometimes ask a lot of my patients after the first consult including a lot of major changes (food elimination, detoxification protocols, etc.) and those patients who follow my recommendations to a tea do amazing!  I am always so delighted to have my patients come back for a follow up and so many of their symptoms have decreased or eliminated. Some have lost weight. Some have lost inches. Some get 80% improvement in a week. All of these things emphasize the importance of using natural remedies to support the natural healing powers of the body.

My hopes are that all McMaster University students that attended this seminar will seriously take Naturopathic Medicine as a potential career option.  For those that missed the seminar, hopefully the video will help inspire you to take a second glance at this amazing career.  McMaster University will always have a place in my heart as it created the foundation for me to become a successful naturopathic doctor.

Thank you McMaster University and good luck to all the future alumni!


Andrea Maxim, ND – Creator of the MAXIM MOVEMENT


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