7 Day Detox: Day 6

Day 6: Intense 7 Day Detox

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

This morning was another early rise – 6:15am to get ready for a very important event.  What event do you ask?? Well I was to receive recognition and an award for Youth Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 for Haldimand County.  On my drive to the breakfast, I thought maybe I will just eat with everyone else, break this cleanse.  After guzzling down my morning shake and seeing all the food splayed across the table fear set in.  If I start eating a lot of this buffet foods after 5 days of consuming nothing but vegetables what will I feel like?  When coming off a cleanse like this and reintroducing “regular food” it is common for lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue-like symptoms to develop.  Most commonly occurs with the more starchy foods like simple carbohydrates as it sends your blood sugars spiking and can make the body feel a little off balance.

I know the suspense is killing you…. No I did not eat the buffet breakfast! I did receive a wonderful award though that is now displayed in the office :)

The rest of the day was jam packed with patients so drinking the shakes was the only thing that got me through the day.  Steamed broccoli and beans to finish it off.

Still happy to report that I have not experienced any negative side effects and have actually received some great compliments on my skin!  While I certainly do not suffer from bad acne, I was finding that I would get a number of acne lesions along my jaw line.  Since starting the detox, my skin has looked and felt more soft and less textured. Even the oiliness of my skin by the end of the day has decreased.  Pretty great outcome I think!

By the end of Day 6 I was down to my last scoop of the Metagenics Ultra Clear Renew. Tomorrow night I will start to reintroduce foods and see how my body responds.  I’ve almost made it people!! And you will too!

One more sleep!!! Less than 24 hours left to go!! I can almost smell the victory…

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