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Body Composition Basics

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Waistline Predicts Teen Health

Measuring waist-to-height ratio may predict risk factors for heart disease in teen study group. In this study, obese 14- to 15-year olds were observed and found that those teens with a larger waist-to-height ratio had a higher total cholesterol levels, higher blood pressures and higher overall cardiometabolic risk.

Poor Sleep increases Consumed Calories

A study performed at the Mayo Clinic found that healthy individuals that lost out on 1 hour 20 minutes of sleep, on average, were consuming almost 550 extra calories to healthy individuals maintaining good sleep habits.

One in Five Children Obese by 2020

Analysis of data from 1971 to 2008 showed that the average weight of children from the ages of 2 to 19 increased 16.9%. If the trends continue we could see 21% of these children becoming obese, not just overweight. It appeared that the rates of obesity increased 3.6% every decade and this trend line did not appear to be flattening out at any point in time, meaning the likelihood of this trend continuing into 2020 has a good probability.

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