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Conquer Your Weight Loss Plateau

When we lose weight, we rid our body of excess fat, losing inches in the process. What is happening is our fat cells are becoming smaller, taking up less room in the body providing us with a slimmer version of ourselves.

Start Exercising Early to Prevent Chronic Disease

Study shows that the earlier you start a regular exercise routine, the later in life you could develop chronic disease. Those who remain sedentary all their lives are more likely to develop a chronic disease as early as 60 years of age.

Low Fat Diets A No No

Avoiding restricted diets is always the game plan at my clinic. Most patients who are educated on a “weight loss” program usually fail to comply after a few weeks. The term “Diet” already carried with it a negative term, one with food restrictions and hunger pangs.

Larger Breakfast Induces Weight Loss

Starting the day with the highest calorie meal including a dessert at breakfast and eating less throughout the day showed a positive effects on weight loss results. Patients who consumed a front-loaded diet: Large breakfast (600cal), 500cal lunch and 300cal dinner lost an average of 45lbs over 8 months.

Larger Midsection Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death

A study found that those with a larger waist-to-hip ratio are more likely to die from sudden cardiac death. Those women studied with a waist-to-hip ratio in the upper quintile were 40% more likely to die from a cardiac event compared to those with the waist-to-hip ratio in the lowest quintile.

Joggers Live Longer – Get moving!

A study in Dublin found that those who jog for at least 60min per week added an average of 6 years onto their lifespan. Jogging was associated with 44% decrease in relative risk of death over 35 years.

Losing Weight Increases Testosterone

Low testosterone affects more men than one may suspect. If men suffer from low mood, low sex drive, fatigue, low motivation, pre-mature graying or hair loss, reduced muscle mass they may have lower than normal testosterone levels. Increased adiposity does not help. The more fat cells we create, the more our body creates an enzyme called aromatase.

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