Stubborn Weight Loss Due To Food Sensitivities

What is the number one area on your body that you want to improve?

Most likely it’s that spare tire around your midsection.  That stubborn belly fat that no matter how many crunches you do, it’s not getting better.
So you can go one of two ways… keep doing the same thing that you’ve been doing and pray that some day the results will change OR figure out what exactly is going on that’s preventing you from getting that flat tummy you’ve always wanted.


Well let’s think about it…
If you’re diet is clean, active at least 3-4 days per week, you’re drinking plenty of water, you’re sleeping well, you’re managing your stress. Then what gives?
What else could be going on in that area that you haven’t identified yet?
Well there’s a pretty important organ system that sits just below that apparent belly fat. It’s called your gut.
If you gut is inflamed, no different to hitting your elbow against a table every day, eventually it’s going to swell.

Bloating from inflammation.
Constipation from inflammation.
Cramps and pains from inflammation.

All point to one thing that must get ruled out…. are you eating something every day that is harming your gut and preventing you from having that nice, flat, tummy that you deserve.

Here’s the breakdown of today’s video:
0:38 – Exactly How Does My Digestive Tract Work?
1:28 – Why Does our Digestive Tract Stop Working?
2:30 – Signs of Low Stomach Acid
3:25 – Triggers to Food Sensitivities
5:00 – Leaky Gut Caused by Food Sensitivities
5:40 – Chronic Conditions Linked to Food Sensitivities
7:13 – The Top 10 Food Sensitivities You Need To Be Aware Of


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