Coke Campaign: Come Together

New Coke Campaign “Come Together” – Dr. Maxim’s Opinion

Written by Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

Today there was a media blast about Coke’s new campaign to help address the country’s obesity epidemic.
The campaign entitles “Coming together” will be airing during commercial breaks on national television.  The commercial can be viewed on Youtube (http://youtu.be/zybnaPqzJ6s).

While I certainly respect Coca Cola for acknowledging the weight crisis we have in North America, I find the commercial more of a new marketing tactic than a true desire to make changes to people’s diet.  In the commercial Coke claims that of their 650 products, 180 are now low-calorie or calorie free.  What I want to address is that patients read the labels of those “low calorie” products as usually if calories are removed, they are usually replaced with chemical sweeteners like sucrolose and aspartame.


Sucralose, commonly used in Splenda as a low calorie sweetener, is a chlorinated sugar made in a laboratory and does not represent natural sugar we consume from nature. The body cannot detoxify it and therefore can cause harm.

Asparatame, aka Equal or NutraSweet, is made up of Aspartic Acid, Phenylalanine and Methanol. When broken down, each of these components can affect a peron’s brain chemistry causing dangerous side effects such as birth defects, brain cancers, diabetes, epilepsy and seizures.

Both chemical sweeteners must be avoided from the diet as much as possible. These are posion.

Towards the end of the video Coke makes an important claim “All Calories Count” and that so long as people are exercising regularly and consuming the right amount of calories, we can lose weight.  What I want my patients to consider is what type of calories they are consuming and is there any benefit?  Consumption of Coke products may be low calorie but all calories in those products provide the body with no nutritional value.  Always remember “Every Mouthful Counts” so if you’re going to choose Coke products to drink, you really aren’t giving your body anything that could be considered healthy, you’re just consuming what we call, “Empty Calories” which are more disease promoting than eating 2500 calories of wonderful, nutrient dense whole foods.

Become informed, read labels and dont be afraid to ask questions.  And of course, contact me if there’s anyway that I can help!

If you would like to learn more about how to get your health back on track, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Andrea Maxim, ND – Creator of the MAXIM MOVEMENT

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