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Three Phases of the Stress Response

ALARM: this is your “fight or flight” ACUTE response. Hormones like adrenaline are secreted here which allows us to run away from predators. What happens here is all the blood and energy rushes to our heart and lungs allowing us to run. In turn, this takes energy away from all other organs and systems, like the digestive system

The Menstrual Cycle

Always remember that a long time ago, we did not have all the cool gadgets and lab tests available to measure our cycle and fertility. The body is capable of giving us all the information we need, we just need to become more in tune with what it is telling us.

Cervical Mucous

The first five days of the menstrual cycle are considered the “dry” days. When we are menstruating, the cervical mucous is sparse and relatively thin. Over the next week or so, estrogen levels rise and the cervical mucous becomes thicker and more sperm-friendly.

Basal Body Temperature

How to: On waking, without getting out of bed or moving about, place the thermometer under your tongue or in the centre of your armpit. It is best to lie still with your eyes closed while waiting to take readings. Proper positioning of the digital thermometer directly under the thickest part of the tongue or in the centre of the armpit is important.

Fertility and Acupuncture – Tonifying Yin

Fertility issues are commonly treated using a number of modalities that help to regulat hormones, rebalance any nutritional deficiencies and ensure that all the aspects of healthy conception are in place. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture has repeatedly been shown to be effective at improving fertility in both males and females.

Losing Weight Increases Testosterone

Low testosterone affects more men than one may suspect. If men suffer from low mood, low sex drive, fatigue, low motivation, pre-mature graying or hair loss, reduced muscle mass they may have lower than normal testosterone levels. Increased adiposity does not help. The more fat cells we create, the more our body creates an enzyme called aromatase.

Stick it to Stress

Almost all of my patients, including myself, could use some stress management support. Now when it comes to hormone balancing, we often do not understand why it is so important to balance cortisol first or along with the other hormones. Whether your issue is menopause, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility or weight gain, all of your hormones must work together as a biological symphony.

Hormone Balance 101

Male or Female we have three major organ systems that need to function appropriately in order to achieve hormone balance. These organ systems are the ADRENAL GLANDS, the THYROID and the OVARIES (Testes for men). Now the diagram you see in the video above shows all three organ systems depending on each other for support equally.

Estrogen Dominance Weight Gain

Every man, woman and child are overexposed to man made, also known as “xenoestrogens” on a daily basis. These xenoestrogens are chemical compounds often used by industry when making our plastics, cosmetics and clothing. The key players to watch out for are Bisphenol A (BPA), Phlatates and Polychlorinated Biphenyl compounds (PCBs).

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