Larger Breakfast Induces Weight Loss

Study: Bigger Breakfast with Dessert Means Smaller Waistlines 

Written by Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor    


Larger Breakfasts Induces Weight Loss

Starting the day with the highest calorie meal including a dessert at breakfast and eating less throughout the day showed a positive effects on weight loss results.  Patients who consumed a front-loaded diet: Large breakfast (600cal), 500cal lunch and 300cal dinner lost an average of 45lbs over 8 months.  Interestingly, those who consumed a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate meal only lost a total of 8lbs and actually gained 22lbs during the 4-month maintenance phase.  Women were fixed to a 1400 calorie diet whereas men to a 1600 calorie diet.


As always breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we start our day off with a high-calorie meal we are less likely to have food cravings later on.  Most often, when we are hungry we make the wrong food choices which can seriously affect our weight loss goals. If one is able to focus on appropriate meal timing, adequate protein and low-glycemic foods and create this eating habit into a lifestyle, the weight loss will occur naturally and be more likely to remain permanent.

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