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Low Fat Diets A No No

Avoiding restricted diets is always the game plan at my clinic. Most patients who are educated on a “weight loss” program usually fail to comply after a few weeks. The term “Diet” already carried with it a negative term, one with food restrictions and hunger pangs.

Larger Breakfast Induces Weight Loss

Starting the day with the highest calorie meal including a dessert at breakfast and eating less throughout the day showed a positive effects on weight loss results. Patients who consumed a front-loaded diet: Large breakfast (600cal), 500cal lunch and 300cal dinner lost an average of 45lbs over 8 months.

Larger Midsection Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death

A study found that those with a larger waist-to-hip ratio are more likely to die from sudden cardiac death. Those women studied with a waist-to-hip ratio in the upper quintile were 40% more likely to die from a cardiac event compared to those with the waist-to-hip ratio in the lowest quintile.

Joggers Live Longer – Get moving!

A study in Dublin found that those who jog for at least 60min per week added an average of 6 years onto their lifespan. Jogging was associated with 44% decrease in relative risk of death over 35 years.

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